Mindful Weekend: Walking in the Snow

Luckily, Switzerland has so far escaped the polar vortex of the Americas. Even so, the Suisse Romande had a fresh snowfall last night which, for this native Floridian, never fails to excite and inspire.

Someone was out walking early this morning!
Someone was out walking early this morning!

For the next few weekends, I will endeavor to suggest an exercise with which you can practice being mindful. I am hopeful that these exercises will demonstrate the great breadth of practice opportunities while inspiring you to play with how being mindful can bring new life to automatic activities.

Thanks to the new snow, why not try mindful walking in the snow? When approaching this, see if you can find some new aspect of this movement upon which you can let your attention rest. For instance, the sound of your footsteps or the feeling in your muscles when they work to stabilize your body or the way your arms swing along. Perhaps you can even break down your steps into three distinct parts: Lift, place, shift. Vary your pace and see how the differences feel in your body and against the rhythm of your breath.

When your mind wanders (and it will), gently escort it back to the sensations of the walk. And if some part of the experience feels particularly vibrant, try using it as an anchor to bring you back into the moment. For those lucky folks in warmer climates, try it with sand.

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a mindful weekend.

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